Placing well-being at the heart of success.

Our science-backed employee well-being software helps managers and teams prevent burn-out and enhance team performance.

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Quan demystifies well-being.

We leverage the latest science and the well-being ecosystem to empower teams to leverage their well-being to build the healthy rituals they need for measurable success.

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Employees do not need another generic well-being perk. They need guidance on which aspects of their well-being contribute to their team's success and which hold them back.

Purple V1 - team

Managers need practical guidance to optimize team performance and put well-being at the heart of their leadership approach and create shared ownership of team well-being to help prevent burn-out.

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Employers do not need another engagement survey. They need measurable and trackable insights to inform their well-being strategy, and to accurately assess their ROI.

A holistic approach with measurable impact.

Quan goes beyond where other platforms go and looks at well-being in both the personal life and work life, allowing teams to pinpoint and effectively address all areas that contribute to burn-out symptoms.


How it works.

Based on science. Made for people.

Quan has compiled the conclusions from more than 150+ scientific and academic papers and spoken to over 300 global experts (including doctors, psychologists and therapists, among others) to identify over 20 sub-dimensions of well-being underpinned by more than 200 predictors.


A comprehensive well-being assessment

Team members complete an evidence-based well-being assessment measuring five dimensions: Mind, Body, Meaning, Social-Connectedness and Self-Fulfilment - providing invaluable insight on the underlying reasons for their current state, allowing for more informed self-reflection and awareness.

Individual, Team and Organizational level insights

Once the assessment is completed, individuals can immediately see their results.

When at least six team members complete the assessment, they can access aggregate team results and action-oriented support to improve ways of working.

Leadership can access to aggregate metrics across all teams as they go through quarterly well-being assessment cycles, allowing them to identify  warning signs of team burn-out.


Identify interventions and take action

Armed with the aggregate results, Quan provides practical and clear guidance to managers and teams on how to use their well-being data towards improved conversations. HR and Senior Leadership can identify more effective company well-being offerings and steps to better support your people.

What our customers say

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"The Quan framework helps to bring topics to the surface that normally would get less or no attention, and take effective action on them."

Ruben Vermaak
Head of L&D @ Bynder

"Quan's employee well-being solution was the perfect answer for our marketing leadership team to demonstrate our commitment to our team and to empower our managers to make well-being a priority. Quan is outstanding. Their software really demonstrates why well-being should be seen as an organizational priority for any business."

Jill Murray
CMO @ Arcadis

"The difference between Quan and other well-being solution providers is Quan’s focus on understanding the core problems. Their platform maps clear actionable steps our team members can take to improve their well-being, as well as team-level insights and concrete actions for us to start taking as an organization.”

Freya van Os
Managing Director @ Label A

You need a solution that can mitigate burn-out symptoms quickly.

Invest in a low-cost, high-benefit well-being platform that delivers actionable insights and a targeted approach to improve your team’s well-being, even from a 100% remote context, by identifying organizational and team level trends, and tracking the real impact of your well-being initiatives.

Lead successful teams with heart.

The guide for leaders who want to optimize team performance by putting well-being at the heart of their leadership approach.

Learn how to adapt your leadership style to enhance employee well-being.


People are complicated...

well-being doesn't have to be. 

Empower your people to understand and take action to improve their well-being with a bottom-up approach while still capturing organizational and team level metrics.

Optimize Your EAP Budget

Understand where to best dedicate your EAP or employee well-being budget and programs to make the most impact for the most people in your organization.

Measurable Metrics & ROI

Easily measure well-being and pinpoint areas of improvement not on symptom, but on cause level.  Drive real positive change when it comes to your employees well-being, and create systemic and sustainable change.

Keep Personal Data Personal

Ensure that sensitive well-being data is handled in full-compliance with GDPR guidelines while you build your teams as safe spaces to for people to discuss their well-being.

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