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Helping busy teams
build healthy rituals

Our science-backed employee well-being software helps managers and teams prevent burn-out and enhance team performance.


Individual therapy and self-care tools aren't enough.

Support the whole team by breaking well-being down into measurable quarterly goals and rituals to improve ways of working.

How does it work? It’s as easy as….


Personal Assessment

Team members complete an evidence-based well-being assessment measuring five dimensions:  Mind, Body, Meaning, Social-Connectedness and Self-Fulfilment - providing invaluable insight on the underlying reasons for their current state. Assessments are 100% guaranteed private -  no one else can see your individual results.


Team Well-Being Retro


The well-being data collected in the assessments are aggregated and anonymized, highlighting the team's top well-being strengths and risks and their underlying sources. Quan then guides managers and teams through quarterly conversations about team well-being, allowing them to effectively choose which areas to focus on first, and to build the psychological safety they need to openly discuss their ways of working.


Targeted Rituals & Next Steps

Teams select recommended rituals to improve their way of working. These easy-to-implement actions are proven to be effective by scientific research in organizational and behavioural psychology. Additionally, HR and Senior Leadership can identify more effective company well-being offerings and steps to better support your people based on aggregate well-being data across teams.

Trusted by

Kelly H_circle

"Even though we have a very tight team and an open culture - through Quan, individuals were able to discus topics which impacted them but they never really unearthed them because they are so committed to our mission."

Kelly Hall 
Managing Director, Niaga @ Covestro




"The Quan framework helps to bring topics to the surface that normally would get less or no attention, and take effective action on them."

Ruben Vermaak
Head of L&D @ Bynder




"Quan's employee well-being solution was the perfect answer for our marketing leadership team to demonstrate our commitment to our team and to empower our managers to make well-being a priority. Quan is outstanding. Their software really demonstrates why well-being should be seen as an organizational priority for any business."

Jill Murray 
CMO @ Arcadis



Who Is Quan For?

For Teams

Your problem isn’t underperformance - you’re worried that some team members are too engaged and may potentially burn-out. Do you need a simple way to address underlying problems and identify better ways of working?

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For HR & Organizations

You've tried mental health apps and coaching, but given the level of investment, it doesn't seem to be making the expected impact. Are you tired of rolling out perks and HR programs that no one uses?

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Arosha BW
Don't just say well-being is important. Measure it and manage it.
Arosha Brouwer, CEO & Co-Founder

Customer Use Cases

Group 8

Busy teams at StartDock rethink time management.

Learn how this Dutch co-working community addressed poor work-life balance, with the help of Quan by zooming into how they schedule personal appointments around full-time work.

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Self-directed teams address underlying issues at Niaga-Covestro.

Discover how even strong & engaged teams can uncover important insights about themselves when they take a structured look at their well-being.

Remote teams use data and structure to connect on a deeper level at Bynder.

Learn how Quan helped improve manager-employee conversations and HR and Senior Leadership to identify more effective company well-being offerings.

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Start identifying and addressing your team's underlying problems and unhealthy habits before they become issues.