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Our mission is to place well-being at the heart of success.

Who we are.

We believe in a world where individual well-being is prioritized as key to business success, equal or greater to financial KPIs. Well-being is not simply a by-product of engagement survey results. It directly impacts how we work and employee mental, physical and emotional fitness to engage. At the end of the day, whether you choose to talk about it or not, well-being directly impacts productivity and performance.

Despite the wealth of science available on well-being, the term is often misunderstood and inspires negative feelings such as being overwhelmed. Quan exists to demystify well-being for both organizations and teams by breaking down the science, increasing self-awareness and guiding both teams and individuals through self-care steps designed to improve well-being in quantified ways.

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“The minimum amount of any physical entity” – there are over 200 dimensions contributing to an individual’s well-being – to improve the whole, we must be willing to look at the smaller parts.


By bringing in ways to quantify aspects relating to well-being, we hope to demystify it – helping individuals, teams and organizations to better understand and take steps to improve it.

Our founding story

Lucy & Arosha

Our Founding Story

At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, the founding Quan team, a group of experts from various fields, came together to reflect on the importance of well-being, “It became obvious that COVID-19 was having a heavy impact on both our personal and work lives”. What stood out was that organizations were attempting to help employees by offering well-meaning, albeit generic solutions, “hosting online yoga sessions, sending employees smoothies and providing ergonomic office equipment.” However, many efforts only offered short term relief and did not tackle the underlying issues. It became clear that instead of trying to offer solutions, the focus needed to be on helping people identify the core problems.

The founding members of Quan worked diligently with psychologists and therapists to develop a well-being assessment focused on improving “self-awareness” and helping teams identify the areas which need attention across their personal and work lives. Quan’s digital platform is geared at driving behavioural change by offering a holistic method to improve “self-care” and ways of working. The digital solution brings together data collection, personalized insights and guided interventions – backed by data and designed by experts from both the science and practice fields.

A Movement Wrapped in Software.

We want to connect the dots - Quan’s ultimate goal is to show, with reliable data and science, that healthy teams are directly tied to healthy growth and healthy businesses. We are out to prove well-being isn’t a “fuzzy” or nice-to-have HR topic. We empower teams with the tools to find a healthy path to success regardless if their company’s current culture is setting them up for success or not.

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Our Team.

Arosha BBW

Arosha Brouwer

CEO & Co-Founder


Lucy Howie

CPO & Co-Founder


Georgina Floridou

Director of Science


Katerina Stepanova

Head of Community


Adam Ohev-Ami

Lead Product Designer


Jerry van der Zwan

Head of Engineering


Roy Reuvers

Senior Developer


Branko Castro

Account Executive


Rhys Wesley

Content Marketer


Filipa Gottschalk

Founder's Associate


Stefan Borsje

VP of Engineering


Kevin Shio

Senior developer


Io Koukoula

Customer Success Specialist


Ranjith Claessens

Well-being partner

Our Advisors.


Emile Jeuken



Christina Chaplin



Bart Essink



Pelin Kazak

UX Strategy


Bill Boulden

Tech Advisor